IDS Environnement

Supports you step by step in finding solutions to your waste management problems.

IDS Environnement supports companies in waste management by offering source sorting solutions, as well as on-site treatment.

Drawing on its own experience and those of its contributors for more than 10 years in the waste management branch, the IDS ENVIRONNEMENT team offers both on-site audits but also with expertise and the understanding of the business restraints of its customers, providing roadmaps to meet the regulation of the 5 waste streams, mandatory and established several years back for companies.

IDS ENVIRONNEMENT can also be found in Europe, specialist in bio-waste which implicates treating on-site organic waste with no unpleasant odour afterwards by using its very own CLEAN DIGEST machines.

When everyone talks about long-term development, being part of the IDS approach brings considerable progress to companies in protecting our planet while combining the commitments and unifying committed collaborators, sometimes surprising upper management, and the sustainable economy that this generates.

When playing you part becomes RIGHTEOUS !

Our solutions for your organic waste 


Odourless treatment in 24h


Vignette cartons et plastiques

 How to have 20 times less volume of cardboard and plastic waste ?


Hoping to reduce your polystyrene waste volume to 40 times less ?


Vignette polystyrene
Image déchets verres


Lessen your glass volume by 80%