Cardboard, paper, plastic

We carry out regulatory audits for companies in order to support them in waste management.

Reduce your cardboard waste


Cardboard baler

For many companies cardboard is a continuous waste stream. Cardboard packaging waste is a logistical headache: Packaging, Storage, Movement and Disposal.

Many Mil-tek customers use cardboard baler to minimise time, space and expenses you lose on waste.

How to use it ?

Installing a workstation baler allows you to improve all logistics around your waste in a simple, fast and efficient way.

Installing a cardboard baler allows for better management of your workstation to optimize the cost, time and space you lose on waste. The end goal is to reduce the impact of your business on the environment.

Reduce your plastic waste 


Plastic baler

Pneumatic balls are designed to continuously compact plastic to break the memory effect and the overflow of material. Recycling channels allow you to recover better plastic waste.

The small footprint of our sorting and compaction solutions optimises the time, space and money you lose on waste.

We don’t want to just reduce your waste management costs.

A unique experience that will allow you to sell your plastic bales and create a new source of income for your business. 

Nous ne souhaitons pas nous contenter seulement de réduire simplement vos coûts de gestion des déchets.

Une expérience unique pour vous permettre de vendre vos balles de plastique et générer une source de revenue pour votre entreprise.


Presses to reduce your cardboard and plastic waste