Our field of activity

We carry out regulatory audits for companies in order to support them in waste management.

With over ten years of experience, IDS ENVIRONNEMENT supports you in waste management through innovative solutions


Each client is unique. That’s why we customize each of your plans according to your specific needs. Whatever your goals, we will listen to your requests. 


We carry out regulatory audits involving your different waste and support you in the process.



We carry out a regulatory audit on your sorting site(s) and on the basis of your documentation then send you an audit report including any deviation from the current regulations and the corrective measures to take.

Along with your waste audit, we support you in the change by:

Waste Documentation

Assistance in setting up and internal management of mandatory documentation,

Waste storage

completion of storage plans for your waste, establishment of waste zones,

Introducing waste sorting in companies

implementation of sorting at source, storage and signage…

Creation of an internal waste collection center

Sizing of the waste collection center, choice of service providers and equipment, day-to-day management procedures, information and training of the staff, installation of suitable equipment.

Your goals

1. Eliminate from your organisation non-regulatory practices that expose you to additional burdens

2. Prove your performance in terms of achieving environmental objectives,

3. Optimize the recovery of your waste and limit your waste treatment costs,

4. Save time and simplify the work of your employees,

5. Achieve dynamic support from your employees

Our business sectors

Illustration secteur public

Public sector

Schools, Middle schools, High Schools, University

Illustration collectivités



Illustration restauration

Hotel & Catering

Hotels, various restaurants, cafeterias, leisure centers, amusement parks…

Illustration industrie


Food industry, metallurgy, plastics, automobiles, aeronautics, pharmaceuticals…

Illustration distribution

Retail distribution

Organic stores, winegrowers, shops, ready-to-wear, mini markets, garden centers …

Illustration santé


Hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, EHPAD…

Illustration automobile


Bodyworks, dealers, garages, trucks, motorcycles…

Illustration plateforme logistique

Plateforms & Logistics

Transport, Distribution, logistic bases, press centers, couriers…

Regulatory Watch

In line with the law on energy transition, and in addition to obligation on sorting and recycling professional packaging (art.R 543-66 to 72 of the Environment Code), Decree No. 2016-288 of March 10, 2016 requires since July 1, 2016 to sort at source and recovery of 5 waste streams (Art. D 543 to 287 of the Environment Code).

Who is concerned ?

All the producers and waste holders from companies, shops, administrations, communities

    Methods of sorting and collecting the 9 flows 

    • Waste is stored and collected either separately from each other or mixed;

    • The collector must provide the waste producer with an annual collection and recovery certificate

    And all other streams :

    • Infectious risk health care waste: DASRI
    • Organic waste with obligation to sort at source and return to earth (Article L 541-21-1 of the Environmental Code
    • Equipement waste liable to Eco-organization but requiring appropriate collection: batteries, neon lights, D.E.E.E, furnitur
    • Hazardous waste, liquid or solid
    Pictogrammes divers types de déchets