Regulatory documentation

The environmental code provides for numerous regulations
which guarantee the traceability of waste.

Our regulatory commitments

The Environmental Code provides for a number of regulatory documents that guarantee the traceability of your non-hazardous waste and transparency on the waste circuit until it is completely recycled.

The waste producer is responsible for producing these regulatory documents. Its collection service provider generally accompanies it for their proper writing or replaces it for their proper production.

We produce all the regulatory documentation relating to your non-hazardous waste collection and ensure constant regulatory monitoring.

We summarize below the applicable regulations and the documents we undertake to produce to meet these obligations.

The recycling certificate

Each year, before March 31st, the recycling provider must provide of recyclable waste with an annual recycling certificate.

The service provider provides the waste producer with a certificate stating the quantity and nature of the waste which has been entrusted to it for recovery. The model certificate to be used by all stakeholders was published in the official Journal No. 0173 of July 29, 2018.

See article :  l’article D.543-284 du Code de l’environnement 

Decree of 18/07/2018 ( Download the recycling certificate)

The declaration receipt at the prefecture for the transport of non-hazardous waste

Companies transporting non-hazardous waste by road must make themselves know to the Prefecture of their head office. They receive in return a prefectural receipt. Each of our carriers has this receipt.

Article R.541-50 of the Environmental Code (Download the prefectural receipt template)

The waste tracking slip

The collection of non-hazardous waste is not subject to compulsory production of waste tracking slips.

However, the Environmental Code stipulates that waste producers must know and control the circuit of their waste until complete elimination or recycling.

Consequently, we provide a Waste Tracking Note after each removal of quantities of recyclable waste. 

Download the waste tracking slip