Sludge from wastewater
treatment plants

Join the reduction, transformation and sanitation process of sludge
from wastewater treatment plants.

Reduce, transform and sanitize sewage sludge

Sewage sludge (urban or industrial) is the main waste produced by a sewage treatment plant from liquid effluents. These residual sediments are mainly made of organic matter (dead bacteria), organic animal, vegetal wet mineral matter. An average wastewater management facility produces around 40g of dry matter per day per capita.

Thanks to the combination of our processes, reduce, transform and sanitize sludge for a faster return to the earth.

Treatment process for sewage sludge 

Processus fermentation en image

The digester process can efficiently treat sewage sludge.

The treatment is clean, odourless, and waste is reduced.

The “finished product” is in the form of a powder composed of organic, vegetable and mineral material.

The digester is a direct solution to reduce sewage sludge, and frees you from collection and treatment costs.


Sludge transformation after a 36H cycle


Processus de transformation des boues d'épuration